Pompano Beach, Florida


KOI is a 350-unit mixed-use development including condominiums, townhouses, and commercial elements to provide an innovative residential development that meets the growing demands for housing at varied economic levels. It is located along Atlantic Boulevard in Pompano Beach and also fronts the Pompano Canal to the south of the property. This project provides the area with an aesthetic appeal and architectural integrity by fostering a convenient tranquil atmosphere with its many amenities offered to private and public entities. The KEITH Team provided our full suite of services including geospatial engineering, civil engineering, planning and landscape architecture, as well as transportation engineering and program and construction management services.

More about KOI

The dog park is connected to a pedestrian network of trails is approximately 3,000 square feet. The Dog Park includes berms for dogs to exercise and is abutted by a lounge area with a deck and accent trees, consistent with the Zen theme of the development. The deck is designed to allow dog owners to relax while the dogs enjoy safe recreation in a fenced-in area. All additional outdoor amenities such as fitness trail, fitness stations, planting areas, seating areas, day beds, boardwalk, active and passive recreational areas are surrounded by planters and plant beds with luscious landscaping and architectural features with an oriental themes. KEITH was also responsible for the existing tree valuation and tree removal plans to accommodate the development.