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DC Alexander Park – ASLA Design Award Winner 2022

2 years ago

A Magical Stage for Everyday Moments

DC Alexander Park is the result of careful and thorough analysis of the site, its context, historic and present, its users, and the needs of the community. The KEITH Team provided resilient infrastructure and public realm improvements through a revealing process of careful examination and analysis. The collective team sought the most creative and environmentally conscientious solution. The Team observed and analyzed shoreline habitat and behavior while considering the unknown and inevitable: sea level rise and climate change. The project is a case study in practical and creative applications of storm water mitigation practices resulting in a design that reflects and embraces the social and economic needs of the local community. DC Alexander Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida balances ‘design for people’ and ‘design with nature’ and is a testament to the value of comprehensive research, exploration, and analysis phases.