Tech Talk

tech talk: Alternative Funding

2 years ago

Comprehensive alternative funding planning is of critical importance to strategically study, design, construct, and maintain the public realm and its infrastructure, as well as help on-going capital improvements. As part of our services, KEITH can draft a robust portfolio of grant and alternative funding opportunities tied directly to a long-term CIP program. Given the increasing cost of labor and supplies in the prevailing economic climate, and to effectively compete in the highly competitive market for state and federal funding, advanced fiscal planning is necessary to demonstrate capacity and to be a good steward of taxpayer dollars.

The KEITH Resource Development Team works side-by-side with our Clients to both inform them of existing budgetary constraints and provide options to improve design by advising on the many source of alternative funding available through national, state, and local agencies, as well as private foundations. KEITH can provide assessment of current funding methods and status; recommendations of funding opportunities that match specific projects and/or project categories, and corresponding opportunities for grant stacking to help offset match requirements; resources funding opportunities presented in a detailed matrix including eligibility, criteria, maximum awards, as well as match and timeline requirements; and a funding schedule based upon priorities identified, and construction milestones, as appropriate.

The KEITH Team is a leader in the field of alternative funding identification, including the development of plans to fully maximize the funding process possible for our clients.