Tech Talk

tech talk: REVIT

2 years ago

Revit is a type of Building Information Modeling (BIM) design software used by the KEITH Team. One of the most popular BIM solutions, Revit moves beyond simple 2D drawings and facilitates 3D modeling and documentation for a project’s full lifecycle from the early stages of design through construction. Benefits include parametric modeling, automation, collaboration, coordination, scheduling, energy analysis, rendering presentation, construction documentation, drawing sheet set-up, and cloud-based access.

The KEITH Team has the capability to use Revit as a powerful design, collaboration and documentation tool on our projects. This allows us to work seamlessly with other disciplines on the design team. By working within a live model, the KEITH Team maintains access to the most updated files at all times.

In addition, working in the third dimension, Revit simplifies the ability to visually study the drawings, avoiding conflicts and errors with other consultants; thereby eliminating issues prior to construction. In addition to the collaboration benefits, the amount of data that can also be integrated into the landscape BIM model, and ultimately the construction documents, is significant – this may include everything from hardscape material selections and vendors, to planting design, to grading and construction details. The use of Revit allows the KEITH Team to design and develop all this project information alongside the rest of the designers in an organized, easy to access model.