Surfside, Florida


KEITH, as Prime consultant to the Town of Surfside, is provide civil engineering services for Abbott Avenue between 90th Street and 96th Street. KEITH's services include evaluation and assessment of the existing stormwater drainage conditions, preparing a report, and offering options for improvements to resolve issues with ponding and setting water, including estimation of construction improvements. Civil engineering services include reviewing and evaluating information and materials pertaining to the existing report, including plans, narrative, calculations, and the ICPR model. During plan development, the KEITH Team is scheduling early regulatory engagement to minimize risk and changes as a result of permitting, by taking advantage of pre-application meetings. In addition, KEITH is evaluating the Town’s existing land use development code, stormwater ordinance, and MS-4 reporting with recommendations and ordinance revisions for compliance and exceedance of federal, state, and local requirements. Future projections and infrastructure assessment is being provided to establish the framework required for stormwater models.