Turks and Caicos


Located along the southern shoreline of Providenciales, where the natural elevation offers beautiful views of Cooper Jack Bay and the Caicos Banks, The Strand is a private residential resort community unlike any other. The unique essence of The Strand’s lifestyle and culture will be an unrivaled home-away-from-home community experience. KEITH is providing assistance with the development of all landscape and site related amenities. The project is envisioned as an exclusive resort and residential development. KEITH is developing a natural approach to the site and landscape architecture for the project with an old-world, elegant feel. The KEITH Team is developing the project in a series of phases that will start from a very broad level, considering a narrative and master plan analysis, and continue to define more detail through assistance with procurement and implementation. The KEITH Team is providing conceptual master planning, schematic design, design development, and construction documents for the project.