Pompano Beach, Florida


KEITH participated in an existing condition assessment of the exterior façade to the Public Safety and Fire Administration buildings located at 100 & 120 SW 3rd Street in Pompano Beach. The scope of work included performing due diligence of existing conditions, assessment and recommendations for improvements to the site as well as the existing exterior façade of the Public Safety Complex. The recommendations and conclusions outlined in the final report were reviewed and approved by City staff. The objective of this work authorization was the implementation of the recommended improvements to not only correct current and existing site conditions and maintenance issues, but to extend the life of the exterior “skin” of the Public Safety Complex. Additional consideration to exterior landscaping, lighting, and aesthetics were included with this scope. KEITH provided detailed topographic surveying and civil engineering design and permitting for the enhancement of the Public Safety Facility, which included a new driveway entrance, grading and drainage improvements, as well as landscaping and hardscape features.