Davie, Florida


The I-595 Express Corridor Improvements project was divided into five construction segments, A through E, to help expedite the work. Each of the construction segments had up to seven major phases of work, generally starting from S.R. 84 north and south of I-595 and working toward the I-595 median. Each major phase of construction within a segment represented a traffic shift to accommodate construction activities. Roadway construction began in Segment C in February 2010 in the vicinity of Pine Island Road. Westbound I-595 traffic was shifted onto the newly constructed lanes in the I-595 median from University Drive to Nob Hill Road, and roadway and drainage construction continued on eastbound and westbound S.R. 84. KEITH provided surveying services for Broward County Project No. 86095 – State Road No. 862 (I-595). These services included the layout and as-builts of the underground utilities and above ground improvements, as well as the layout and as-built for the construction of the new roadways within the project limits.