Fort Lauderdale, Florida


KEITH was tasked with creating and maintaining a utility atlas for both FLL and HWO using our in-house record research, surveying, and subsurface utility engineering (SUE) services. This was an extensive 550-acres project that included establishing geodetic and vertical network control, engineering design surveys, drainage as-builts, subsurface utility engineering, and aerial photography survey support. The utility atlas is an ongoing BCAD CIP effort compiling years of historic as-built and record drawing information while verifying and incorporating current surface and subsurface utility infrastructure design and survey data. New record drawings and as-built information from ongoing construction projects throughout the airport are added continuously to the atlas and made available to the airport’s consultants and contractors to assist in their design and construction needs. KEITH successfully implemented the utility work program, requiring all utility projects to submit a Utility Registration Application to track the project throughout its lifecycle.

More about FLL Utility Atlas

This program significantly increases communication and coordination between projects and saves tremendous time during the planning stages. Phase 1 included the Airport Expansion project’s future development areas of the new 10R/28L runway and Terminal 4 Gate Expansion and Apron project. To help meet design needs for those projects, efforts included location and as-built of 300+ drainage structures, establishing 70 horizontal and vertical control points encompassing 30 square miles, providing airport network control maps facilitating a base geodetic and vertical survey control system for the entire airport, topographic survey inclusive of 550+ acres for design activities of Runway 10R/28L, and aerial mapping of 34,900+ acres. Phase 2 included updating the atlas to facilitate and include recent additional projects such as the North Runway Improvement, Terminals 1, 2, and 3, North and Westside Developments, and Perimeter Road Upgrades. All work and deliverables were performed in accordance with airport circulars 150/5300-16A General Guidance and Specifications for Aeronautical Surveys specific to geodetic control, 150/5300-17B General Guidance and Specifications for Aeronautical Survey Airport Imagery Acquisition, 150/5300-18B, General Guidance and Specifications for Submission of Aeronautical Surveys to NGS pertaining to field data collection, and Geographic Information System (GIS) standards.