Fort Lauderdale, Florida


KEITH is providing surveying, planning, conceptual civil engineering, and conceptual landscaping services. Planning services provided by KEITH included project/site history, entitlement agreement analysis, DRI analysis, land use analysis, zoning analysis, parking analysis, visioning assistance, development/entitlement scheduling and other regulatory analysis with the Army Corp of Engineers, Coast Guard, and FDOT. Working with the County and other stakeholders, KEITH's services included analysis, feasibility, and conceptual design phases and a final master plan report was authored by the team and presented to the County Commission.

More about Broward County Convention Center Expansion

The Broward County Convention Center is located on the Southeast corner of Eisenhower Boulevard and SE 17th Street Causeway. The Convention Center sits on 40 acres with 2.1 acres of water abutting the Intracoastal Waterway. The County envisioned establishing the Convention Center as an iconic waterfront destination. The expansion of the Convention Center entails 224,000 square feet with 83,000 square feet of retail/entertainment, 100,000 square feet of parking and a 752-room hotel.