Fort Lauderdale, Florida


The City of Fort Lauderdale identified the residential neighborhood of Bermuda Riviera from NE 36th Street to NE 42nd Court, between State Road A1A and the Intracoastal Waterway, as an improvement project. The purpose of the improvements were to replace existing water mains which were undersized and deteriorated. These improvements upgraded the existing 6-inch diameter water mains one nominal size to 8-inch diameter, replacing existing 8-inch water mains with new and installing new fire hydrants. The new system was connected to existing water mains at State Road A1A. The project area consisted of nine dead-end finger streets extending into the Intracoastal Waterway which required detailed phasing strategies to minimize service interruption and impacts to customers and maintain emergency services. The system replacement was constructed primarily with trenchless technology (pipe bursting) to minimize disruption of water service and damage to driveways and private property. Two subaqeous crossings using horizontal directional drill methods were required to serve the islands (Fort Royal Isle and Castle Harbor Drive Isle) for the new water services and future utilities. The upgraded water mains involved a looped system totaling approximately 10,443 LF 8-inch PVC WM, 12,521 LF 8-inch HDPE WM, 500 LF 8-inch DIP WM, 480 LF 6-inch DIP WM. These improvements also involved installing Twenty Four (24) new fire hydrants, Seventy-eight (78) Sample Points, One hundred and twenty seven (127) 8 inch Gate Valves and Twenty four (24) 6 inch Gate Valves. Water service lines were installed to service the existing properties. Existing 2 inch and 4 inch water services to the properties were cut, capped and abandoned. Existing 6 inch and larger services to the properties were grouted, capped and abandoned in place. Existing meter boxes were replaced or relocated based on the field conditions determined by the City of Fort Lauderdale. Permitting Agencies involved were City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida Department of Environmental Protection(FDEP), Broward County Environmental Engineering and Permitting Division, Broward County Traffic Engineering Division (BCTED). Additional coordination was also done with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) during the design and construction phase of this project. KEITH provided civil design, surveying, subsurface utility engineering, permitting, bidding support and construction administration services.