Our Best Assets

2 years ago

As quarter one draws to a successful close and we are seeing glimpses of pre-Covid life, we are reminded again of the value of the simple things. Having lunch with a friend. Scheduling a face-to-face meeting with a Client. Touring a site in person with teaming partners. Planning an office celebration for a birthday, to welcome a new child, or celebrate a brand-new engagement.

In 1995, Roy Baumeister proposed his influential Belongingness Hypothesis: human beings have a fundamental drive to form lasting relationships. And this was never felt more than during the height of the pandemic. But returning to “normal” has showed how truly invaluable our relationships and social interactions are.

After nearly two years of life in our Brady Bunch Microsoft Teams boxes, I am grateful that our Team is able to share moments in real life again, as well as continue to build relationships, both old and new. The human connection is vital to the success of our teams, our projects, and our firm. After all, our best asset is each other.

Cheers to continued success and long-lasting relationships.

Alex Lazowick, PE, PMP